Bolt welding electrode manufacturer in Delhi NCR

Bolt welding electrode manufacturer in Delhi NCR

Bolt welding electrode

We feel pleasure to introduce ourselves as a Manufacturer of Machinery Products and its Spares under the brand name of “Weld Tech India“. We are supplying Bolt Welding Electrode to various Automobile, Fabrication and Refrigeration industries across the country.

We  are the Bolt welding electrode manufacturer in Delhi NCR. Those are manufactured the usage of excessive nice of raw material and are extensively demanded due to their lengthy duration with full thread. We alternate those Engine meeting in numerous small and large scale industries.

We experience satisfaction to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of equipment merchandise and its Spares underneath the logo call of “Weld Tech India”. We are providing Bolt Welding Electrode to numerous vehicle, Fabrication and Refrigeration industries across the united states. We want to tell you that we’ve some features with us that are always beneficial to all of the reputed corporations like yours. We’re offering satisfactory excellent merchandise as in keeping with the OEM.

If we aren’t wrong that your enterprise brings/purchases most of the goods via imports. We are able to supply warranty in your organization that in case your organisation oblige us by giving a threat to supply, we assured cut down of your fee OF production by means of saving lack of time as well as forex.

We will be pleased in case you associate with us to supply you with any of the listed products and its spares as and whilst required by you. We will publish our most competitive offer on receipt of your unique enquiry.

WeldTech India, the Welding Electrodes producers in India, mainly formulated upkeep cause welding electrodes (MMAW) that ensure the enhancement of operating performance with minimum warmth enter.

Type of Welding Electrodes: 

The welding enterprise has followed the welding rod class variety collection determined by using the yank Welding Society (AWS).

The identity machine of the electrode for steel arc welding is followed as follows.

    • E- This E suggests electrode for arc welding
    • the 1st two or 3 digits – It suggests the tensile strength in thousands of pounds /square inch of deposited material as soon as attempted to drag aside.
    • The 3rd or 4th digit – It suggests the placement of the weld. If zero it shows no class used, 1 is for every position, 2 for flat and horizontal, three is for flat position best.
    • The 4th digit – It shows the form of coating and the kind of electric power supply, AC/DC, immediately or opposite polarity.
    • The number E6010 – Now it suggests an arc welding rod with a strain tensile energy of 60,000psi, can be used in all positions, and direct present day with terse polarity.

The silent features of our Bolt Welding Electrode is high tensile strength, technical precision, durability, low maintenance, etc.


By making electrode diameter thinner, it can work on welding at narrow positions.


Bolt Welding Electrode improves creep resistance at high operating temperatures and reduces the sticking of electrodes to the work during spot welding of galvanized/coated materials.


It is a low-cost alternative to full Bolt Welding Electrode. It’s also more cost-effective than coated or Dressing Cutter, which has shorter operational lives. Best Welding Electrode components are affordable even in custom, low quantity orders.


This Bolt Welding Electrode are high abrasion resistance, and impact resistance and have a self-sharping ability.